About Us

Buddhist Child Home, named after the name of Lord Buddha, the precursor of peace, is a non-religious, non-sectarian, and non-profit making humanitarian organization, dedicated to the welfare of orphans, helpless children and children in need.

What we believe
Children are the future pillars of every country and the twinkling stars in the progress of the nation. Children symbolize optimism and expectation. If they are provided with what they need now, they will immensely pay back to society in the future.
We believe all children bear unique potential and they should have support and opportunities especially those who are orphans and helpless. We work in partnership with individuals and organizations to develop services in respond to the needs of helpless children and children in need.

The legality of BCH
The BCH was founded in 1996 by an enthusiastic and compassionate group of women social workers. It is registered in the District Administration Office in Kathmandu under the Organization Administration Act of 1977 (DA no. 36 /1996/97), In addition, it is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal, No. 6316. Currently, its central office is located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.
BCH is dedicated to providing care for orphans, abandoned children, street children, bounded children, laborer children, and children in armed conflict in Nepal. A decade ago, the journey was started servicing only one orphan child and now even with limited resources, it has already rescued three hundred helpless children and reintegrated dozens of children with their family. Additionally, it has been conducting different programs that raise awareness of children rights, education and health. Similarly, counseling service for illiterate women has also become an important program. Therefore, its entire focus lies with the overall welfare of children. We see, BCH as a gardener, which tends the children- like buds to give them a prosperous life.