Message from Chair Person

durgaRetrospectively, I remember that unfortunately one day a twig pricked my right eye whilst I was playing with friends. Slowly, my eyes’ visibility power deteriorated but my father did not pay attention to it because there is no proper care for female children in Nepali society. I think my father also followed the same culture. After that, I was always misfortunate. Again, my other eye was pricked when I was collecting fodder in the forest. Then I almost became visually impaired. For five years, my life was like a journey through a dark cave, where I could not enjoy the light.

Furthermore, my parents ignored my pathetic condition. They completely neglected me, which hurt me a lot. I felt like my life was dying away. Later on, my grandmother took me to the hospital and luckily, I resumed my visibility. From that day, I determined to work in favor of helpless children. Still, there are many children like me living a miserable life in the remote and backward villages of Nepal. Still, many parents think having female children is akin to committing a crime. Facing different kinds of problem, I hardly graduated my school education from my village and came to Kathmandu for further study.

Sixteen years ago when I was going through a street in Kathmandu, I saw a female baby crying amongst a crowd of people in the street. Many people were looking at her crying as if they were audience in a cultural show and she the act. Her crying was so touching, it almost broke my heart. I was about to weep, and could not help scooping up the baby from the ground. I grasped her and brought to my room.

I started a new life with the child. I was trying to give her new life but from the start, the rest of society thought differently. To take on an abandoned child for an unmarried young girl an orthodox society like ours was no laughing matter. Many rumours appeared about me and society even condemned my act. However, for me it was a beginning of a humane journey. Society accused me of violating social norms and values and I could not get any support from them. I was well aware of the fact that the level of the consciousness of society was responsible but I did not blame individuals. I did not give up hope rather firmly I decided to be a social worker. Later on, I convinced some friends to help, which enabled me to work more effectively in this field. Gradually, we found so many helpless children that we were obliged to establish a formal organization. As a result, although we faced many obstacles, we worked for our children continuously and Buddhist Child Home came into existence. After a decade, our society has been changed a little and we have received a positive response from many people. Thus, our dedication and honesty has proved fruitful and now that has become energy to work more effectively in the sector of children. Still many children are in pitiful condition in Nepal.

Hence, I would like to request to all humanitarian people and organizations to support helpless children. Please do not forget that your small assistance can provide great substance for our needy children.

When you help the children in need, you will be helping God.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

Mrs. Durga Mainali