Our Mission

Our Vision

Buddhist Child Home works towards:

  • An earth that respects and values each child.
  • A world which pays attention to all children.
  • A world where all children show optimism and have equal opportunities.


  • BCH envisions building a domination, injustice and exploitation free society where orphan, destitute and street children along with helpless women can get proper social care, protection, equal human rights, and promotion.
  • It also foresees and encourages the development of an enlightened Nepali society, which is capable of realizing its aim to improving the welfare of the children who are deprived of basic needs: education, love, care, social justice and fundamental human rights.


  • To promote healthy and quality life of helpless children and women, along with providing care and protection to the illiterate, abused and abandoned children whilst maintaining gender equality, human rights and social justice.
  • To break the cycle of girl trafficking, child labor and child prostitution conducting informal education and income generating training for uneducated women to produce empowerments and awareness.
  • To raise civic sense of awareness of sexually transmitted disease like HIV/AIDS and the importance of contraceptives and to create an apt environment and opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, social and vocational development of children.