Status of children

Nepal is one of the most beautiful mountainous countries in the world. It lies in South Asia between two giants, India and China. Due to some matchless features, Nepal is in the dignified place of the world map. Mt. Everest, birthplace of Lord Buddha, vast natural beauty, diversity in culture and language and a large water resource are to count, a few, which have constantly popularized this beautiful land. Nevertheless, in such a marvelous country the condition of children is pathetic. Because of the poor economic situation, lack of social awareness, uneducation, and other such factors, the status of Nepali children is far from satisfying. Even the following brief data further portrays their condition clearly.

41% of the total population is children below 16 years
86% reside in the villages the rest in towns
40% belong to extremely poor families
27,000 children die of diarrhea ever year.
5000 children are living in the street
40,000 children are bounded laborers
12,000 women and children are trafficking to India every year
More than 40,000 children have been displaced and 465 died in the course of armed conflict.
Source: Census, NGOS, Newspapers

The mentioned data vividly illustrates that children in Nepal are constantly at risk. Therefore, immediate action must be taken to save the lives of these innocent children. Behind this sorry state of affairs, there are many causative factors: superstitions, poverty, illiteracy, unwedded pregnancy, teenage marriage and conflicts. Though, the government has introduced a few hopeful measures even though efforts have always remained inadequate. Therefore, there is an urgent need to serve those children through such humanitarian organizations in order to secure their lives.